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Commonly Requested By-Laws

The following is a list of commonly requested By-Laws. Please be aware that by-laws are amended from time to time, as circumstances change. The short descriptions following are for general information only. As the by-laws are updated, a new version, with amendments inserted, is published on this page.

For a complete understanding of the City's by-laws, or for information about the by-laws not referenced here, it is always best to speak directly with Staff. If you have any questions regarding these or any other City by-laws, please email the City Clerk's Office or call 519-332-0330 extension 3320; TTY: 519 332 2664.

By-laws are enforced by the Sarnia Police Service outside of regular business hours. Please call 519-344-8861 for afterhours service.

Copies of all by-laws are available to the public through the City Clerk's Office at a cost of 30 cents per page.

ADJOINING LAND - To permit an owner or occupant of any building, fence or other structure to enter upon any adjoining land for the purpose of making repairs, alterations or improvements. By-law sets out steps to be followed.
ANIMAL CONTROL - Licensing of dogs, prohibits running at large, muzzling and leashing in some circumstances, owner's requirement to remove excrement, and further to regulate the keeping of dogs, cats, rabbits, pigeons, domestic fowl and for restricting of the keeping of certain animals within the City of Sarnia.

BACKFLOW PREVENTION - This By-Law and Control Program will regulate cross connections and backflow prevention on plumbing systems as required, to protect the City’s drinking water supply and distribution system from contamination.

BOULEVARDS - The portion of highway between the curb and adjacent private property, Regulating the construction, maintenance and protection of boulevards.
BUILDING BY-LAW – Under the Building Code Act, 1992, as amended, respecting permits for construction demolition and change of use or transfer of permits, inspections and related matters
BURNING (OPEN AIR) - Sets out rules and regulations regarding fires in the open in the City of Sarnia.

BUSINESS LICENCING – respecting the licencing and regulations of various businesses.

CODE OF CONDUCT - A Code of Conduct for members of Council of the municipality and of local boards of the municipality.

DEVELOPMENT CHARGES - Charges against land, payable by a developer, to pay for increased capital costs required because of increased needs for servicing arising from development, so as to not place an undue financial burden on the City or its taxpayers.

DOGS & CATS - Regulating the licensing of dog(s) and the owner's responsibilities of keeping dog(s) or cat(s).
FEES - Establishes fees for various Permits, Services and Privileges. Sets out the Fee Schedule for all Departments of City Hall; Business, Dogs, Lottery and Marriage Licences, Commissioning Services, Birth Registrations, Rental Fees for Picnic Areas in City Parks, Tennis Courts, Garden Plots, Snowmobile Rental, Baseball/Softball/Rugby/Football/Soccer Diamonds Rental, Ice Time Rentals at Arenas, Rental of Community Halls, MacLean Centre Rental, Building Permits, Demolition Permits, Signs/Awnings/Marquees Fees, Transit Fares, Moving of Buildings/Structures, Compost Charges, Tax Certificates, Zoning Certificates, Fire Inspection Reports, Use of Fire Hydrants.

FENCES - Regulations to construct, erect, maintain, keep or permit within the City of Sarnia any fence that is in contravention of any provisions of the Fence by-law.
FIREARMS & BOWS - Regulates the use of firearms and archery equipment in defined areas of the Municipality.
FIREWORKS - Regulates the sale of fireworks and prohibits the sale of same on any days during the year specified in the by-law, and prohibits or regulates the setting off of fireworks or any class thereof and for requiring a permit for the holding of fireworks displays and prescribes the conditions under which fireworks displays may be held.
GARBAGE / WASTE COLLECTION - By-law for establishing and maintaining a system for the collection, removal and disposal of garbage and other refuse.

HOLIDAY AND SUNDAY OPENINGS - Permits retail business establishments to be open on holidays as defined in the by-law and within the meaning of the Regulations passed pursuant to the Retail Business Holidays Act.
IDLING CONTROL - Prohibits the operation of a vehicle engine while the vehicle is not
in motion.

LOT MAINTENANCE - Provides property standards by regulating for the maintenance, clearing and cleaning of land.Commonly Requested By-Laws

NOISE - (This By-Law is enforced by Sarnia Police) Provides for, to the extent possible, an environment free from unusual, unnecessary or excessive noise which may unreasonably degrade the quality and tranquility of life and cause a nuisance. The by-law also sets out time schedules, zoning definitions and certain exemptions.

PARKING & TRAFFIC - Regulates traffic and the parking of motor vehicles within the limits of the City of Sarnia on municipal highways, municipal parking lots and private property; also outlines Schedule of Fines applicable to offences under the by-law. 
(NOTE: A consolidated copy of this by-law is not available on the website due to its size.)

PARKS - Defines the City's Parks, with respect to the use, regulation, protection and government of parks under the City of Sarnia.
PROCEDURE BY-LAW - Provides the rules governing the proceedings of Council and the conduct of its members.
PROPERTY STANDARDS - Prescribes standards for the maintenance and occupancy of property providing definitions as well as general requirements.
SEWER USE - to prohibit, regulate and control, the discharge of waters and wastes into any body of water within the Municipality or into the Municipal Sanitary Sewers, Sewer System or Sewage Treatment Works.

SIGNS - Prohibiting or regulating of signs and other advertising devices or any class or classes thereof within the City of Sarnia.
STREETS - Interpretation, enforcement and other such matters.
SWIMMING POOLS - Requires owners of privately-owned outdoor swimming pools and ponds to erect and maintain fences and gates around such swimming pools and ponds and for the issuance of a permit.
TAXIS – VEHICLES FOR HIRE - Regulating the owners and drivers of taxi cabs and the power to license and regulate is delegated to the Chief of Police.
TRANSIT AREA - Transit Special Service Area Rate for the provision of public bus transportation services to the municipality.
TREES - Regulating the planting, maintenance and removal of trees in public places jurisdiction.

WATER REGULATIONS and LAWN WATERING - Establishes and regulates the rules for the collection, production, treatment, storage, supply and distribution of water within the City; sets out permitted lawn water schedule.

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