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About Lottery Licensing

Fundraising is an important financial component for many charitable and not-for profit organizations. The following information will assist those organization’s interested in conducting a lottery event. These terms and conditions apply to all lottery licences issued under the authority of the Criminal Code (Canada). There are additional terms and conditions for each type of lottery scheme as well as Standards and Directives issued by the Registrar that must be followed.

Who is eligible for a lottery licence?

Only approved charitable organizations are eligible for lottery licences as per the Alcohol and Gaming Commission of Ontario. If your charitable organization is interested in applying for a lottery licence an eligibility review must first be conducted. Please download the document Requirements for Running Lotteries for further information.

Please Note: Prior to applying for any lottery licensing, please be advised that all organizations must be in existence for a 12-month (1-year) period and that lottery fundraising is not the only source of generating revenue.

What kinds of event require a lottery licence?

A lottery event may be defined as any event which has the following three components:

All lottery events require a lottery licence in order to be permitted. Lottery events conducted without a licence are prohibited by the Criminal Code of Canada.

What types of games can a licence be issued for?

Municipalities may issue licences to eligible organizations for the following events only:


I have further questions who can I speak to?

If you have further questions please contact Customer Service at 519-332-0330 Ext. 3350 or email

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