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What is a Consent

The Planning Act grants authority to Sarnia City Council to appoint a Committee of Adjustment to consider consent to sever land.

Consents are permission granted to divide (sever) land into new lots, to add land to an abutting lot, to establish easements or rights-of-way and to lease or register a mortgage over 21 years.

Property owners who wish to divide their property for the purpose of selling it, registering or discharging a mortgage, or leasing, if for a period over 21 years, must apply for a severance. In municipal legislative terms, it means obtaining a “consent to sever” from the Committee of Adjustment. The Planning Act stipulates that a consent must be granted before a parcel of land can be divided to create an additional lot(s). This process is referred to as land severance and the type of consent given in this instance is a severance. Controlling the division of land through “severance” gives the municipality a mechanism for ensuring that the creation of lots is consistent with the planning policies of the municipality as set out in its Official Plan and the County of
Lambton Official Plan.  Generally, no more than five abutting parcels can be created though the consent process. Anything beyond that requires approval as a “plan of subdivision”.

Any person can appeal the decision of the Committee to the Ontario Municipal Board (OMB). The appeal must be filed within 20 days of the date of the Notice of the Committee’s decision. Appeals are made through the Committee of Adjustment, Planning and Building Department, located on the 3rd, Floor of City Hall. The appeal to the OMB requires the payment of a $125.00 fee (2009) payable to the Ontario Minister of Finance.

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