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Fire Safety Trailer

The Fire Safety trailer is an effective fire safety tool that we use for teaching children about fire safety and burn prevention. The trailer was provided to us and equipped by several businesses active in our community including Gamble Insurance, Pilot Insurance, Lombard Insurance, Royal and Sun Alliance Co., The Dominion of Canada General Insurance Company, Damar Security, Sentry Fire Equipment and Ligate Signs.

This trailer is an interactive fire prevention tool that allows the chidren to see and identify some fire hazards (dangers) in the kitchen, livingroom and bedroom that we can then talk about. The trailer allows the children to both hear and see what we mean when we say 'too close'. For instance, the children can see what too close means to us when we talk about an ignition source (eg. toaster) too close to combustibles (window curtains) and a combustible towel or dishtowel too close to an ignition source (the stove). We talk about the dangers of electricity and water, the dangers with microwave ovens including how hot things get in the microwave oven, the dangers of putting metallic things in the microwave oven, and a Fire Escape Plan posted prominently on the refrigerator.

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