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Sarnia Transit General F.A.Qs



Is there a transit lost & found?

Sarnia Transit does have a lost & found. It's located inside the transit office located at 1169 Michener Rd, Sarnia N7S 4W3.   For inquiries, please call our office during regular hours of operation at 519- 336-3271.

Are pets allowed on the bus?

With the exception of certified assistance animals, only dogs small enough to be carried in the arms of the passenger or held on the knees of the passenger will be permitted, and then only if leashed.   Other small domestic animals may be transported on a bus so long as they are caged.
Certified assistance animals are permitted on Sarnia Transit buses and Care-a-vans; however, owners of assistance animals should be prepared to show proof of certification.  

Are the front seats only for seniors or persons with disabilities?

Feel free to use the front courtesy seating area at the front of the bus. This area of the bus is there to use by the elderly, persons travelling with walkers, people with temporary injuries using crutches or canes, the visually impaired and other customers with children in strollers.   Please accommodate people with mobility challenges whenever possible.  
For more information , please click on this link for Priority and Courtesy Seating

Is smoking allowed on the bus?

Smoking is not permitted on any Sarnia Transit buses, Care-a-vans or shelters.    We ask all passenger waiting for bus to please exhale before boarding. 

What happens if I lose my bus pass or ticket?

Sarnia Transit cannot reimburse customers for lost, misplaced or stolen monthly passes or tickets. If your semester pass has been lost or stolen, we will re-issue a replacement for a $55.00 administrative charge.   Replacement passes are ONLY issued at our office.
You may call or visit the transit office and ask if they have received your lost pass (519-336-3271).

Are skis, toboggans and other large objects allowed on the bus?

Only where space permits are you able to bring large objects on the bus and it is always up to the driver's discretion whether you are able to do so.   Any large objects being transported on our buses must be taken to the rear of the bus.

Are roller-skates or in-line skates allowed on the bus?

You are allowed to bring roller-skates on the bus, but for safety reasons, they must be removed before boarding and shoes on.   No wheels or blades are worn while riding the bus.

Are bikes allowed on the bus?

All Sarnia Transit buses are equipped with exterior bike racks.   For more information, please click on this link for Bike Racks on Buses

Are strollers allowed on the bus?

It is the responsibility of the passenger to ensure that their stroller and/or bundle buggy does not interfere with the safety or comfort of other passengers.   They must also ensure they are in care and control of their stroller and/or bundle buggy at all times.   If a stroller is too large to fit safely out of the aisle way, or if a passenger has too many items hanging from the stroller, they will not be allowed to board the bus.   Finally, passengers travelling with a stroller and/or bundle buggy must be able to board and disembark without assistance from the bus operator.
A passenger riding with an unfolded stroller must remain holding the stroller with the stroller brakes on.
Passengers travelling with a stroller and/or bundle buggy may utilize the space designated for wheelchairs or scooters.   However, should a passenger with a disability board the bus, they will be given priority for this space.   When the seats are occupied or requested by seniors or persons with disabilities, persons travelling with a stroller of bundle buggy will be required to move to another location on board the bus.


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