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Home Based Businesses (Residential)

A residential Home Occupation is an occupation or business conducted as a secondary use for gain or profit within a dwelling unit and/or a permitted accessory structure on the same lot by a resident of the dwelling unit or employee or volunteer in compliance with the regulations contained in this By-law. A home occupation may include private home day care for 5 children or less; offices; consulting rooms; workrooms; a studio for a teacher of fine art, or academic subjects; a photographer or commercial artist; or other uses of a similar nature which conform to the provisions and standards found in the home occupation regulations; or which the Committee of Adjustment of the City of Sarnia, upon application, permits. 
Anyone looking to run a home occupation in a residential area should first view the zoning regulations and consult with City staff.

Once the zoning regulations have been read and the applicant is satisfied that it will be complied with, they are invited to print off the below application and submit it to the Planning and Building Department.  Applicants may also pick up an application and consult with Planning staff at the counter on the 3rd floor at Sarnia City Hall.

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