City of Sarnia

Property Tax Due Dates & Payment Options

City of Sarnia Property Tax Due Dates

2019 Interim Billing (All Classes) - Bills mailed first week of February
2019 Final Tax Billing (Residential, Farm, Managed Forest, Pipeline) - Bills mailed first week of June
2019 Final Billing (Multi-Residential, Commercial, Industrial) - Bills mailed first week of August


Methods of Property Tax Payments

To sign up for our Pre-Authorized Payment Plan please complete and return the enrollment form below.

Monthly Pre-Authorized Payment (PAP) Plan
Installment Due Date Pre-Authorized Payment (PAP) Plan

There is no cost to enroll. The PAP guidelines are below for more details. 

Pre-authorized payment information is not transferable. When you purchase a new property a new pre-authorized payment form is required.

Contact us in writing prior to the 20th of the month for all pre-authorized payment plan changes. Emails advising of changes can be sent to or you can submit the payment plan cancellation or account information change form below.



If a receipt is required, please return the entire bill without detaching the stub(s) and include a stamped, self-addressed envelope.


Penalty for Late Payment

Late payment of Taxes will be subject to a penalty charge of 1.25% on the first day of default and on the first day of each month thereafter, until paid. Failure to receive a bill does not excuse a taxpayer from the responsibility for payment or from liability for penalty for late payment. Penalty and/or interest cannot be waived or altered for any reason.


NSF Charge

A fee of $40 will be applied on all non-sufficient fund (NSF) payments.


Property Tax Arrears Notice

If payment in full is not received by the installment due date, a property tax arrears notice will be issued and a $5.00 fee will be applied to your account.


Contact Us

Phone: 519-332-6309
Fax: 519-332-1466

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